New Remix of “Love Story” Drops on 7/14

“Love Story” Remix by Mark Lewis Drops 7/14

The Mark Lewis remix of “Love Story” drops on 7/14. 14This captivating track takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey, blending beautiful melodies, infectious beats, and expertly crafted remixes. Released on Ricanstruction Brand Limited, this remarkable production showcases the talents of renowned artists Cee ElAssaad and Montreea. Read on to explore the origins of this track, highlight the accomplishments of the artists involved, and dive into the magic of “Love Story (Mark Lewis Remixes)”.

Mark Lewis, an internationally acclaimed DJ and producer, is the mastermind behind the remixes of “Love Story.” With a career spanning over two decades, Mark Lewis has established himself as a true force in the electronic music scene. Known for his impeccable remixing skills, he has worked with renowned artists and labels, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. Lewis’s ability to infuse his own unique style while respecting the original essence of a track has earned him a dedicated following.


The original version of “Love Story” was created by Cee Elassaad and Montreea. DJ Cee ElAssaad is a highly skilled and versatile DJ known for his captivating sets that seamlessly blend various genres, showcasing his deep understanding of music and his ability to create an immersive atmosphere on the dance floor. Montreea, a talented singer with a mesmerizing vocal range, effortlessly captivates listeners with her soulful performances, infusing every note with emotion and delivering powerful lyrics that resonate with the depths of the human experience. Their original composition sets the foundation for the remixes, providing a strong and emotive core that resonates with listeners.

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Ricanstruction Brand Limited, an esteemed record label known for its commitment to quality music, is the proud home of “Love Story (Mark Lewis Remixes).” Since its inception, the record label has been at the forefront of the electronic music scene, consistently delivering exceptional releases that captivate audiences worldwide. The label’s dedication to nurturing talent and promoting innovative sounds has earned them a reputation as a powerhouse within the industry. Their partnership with Mark Lewis, Cee Elassaad and Montreea is a testament to their unwavering commitment to bringing exceptional music to the masses.

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