Studio Vocals By Montreea

Do you need studio vocals by Montreea on a record that you are producing? Montreea is an in-demand session singer who works with deejays, writers, producers and record labels.

Genres of Music




Hip Hop/Trap

studio vocals by Montreea

Studio Vocal Clients

tech n9ne
Tech N9ne is a no. 1 Billboard artist.
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ICP has sold over 5 million records.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are studio vocals by Montreea?

Studio sessions range from $75 to $5,000 depending upon the scope of the project. A deposit is required prior to the start of studio sessions.

Where does Montreea record vocals?

D.O.P.E. Recording is Montreea’s personal recording studio and primary recording location. She is able to deliver world-class studio quality vocals to clients around the world.

What recording software does Montreea use?

Ableton Live is Montreea’s preferred recording software. She also uses Pro Tools and is able to deliver raw vocals in WAV format to client studios.