Traxsource House 2022 Review: Montreea Makes Strides

Traxsource House 2022: Montreea Moves Forward

The 2022 wrap up for Traxsource house music has dropped. Montreea continued to make strides as a writer with several highlights this year including:

  • eight Top 100 entries
  • forty-five DJ chart features
  • six Essentials appearances
traxsource house 2022 montreea
Highlights include remixes by DJ Spen of Quantize Recordings

2022 also saw various collaborations, remixes & label releases with Quantize Recordings, Ricanstruction Unlimited, BOS & more. It was a forward year for Montreea who began her songwriting and studio vocal business in 2018. “I spent my first year singing on rap records and gospel tracks. It wasn’t until I wrote for Sebb Junior that I got more songwriting gigs,” she reveals.

Future collaborations are beginning to shapeup including a second collaboration with Miami-based Listeners’ Room Records.

Montreea is a Houston-based songwriter who writes for DJs and producers worldwide. Her pen has helped construct records in gospel, pop, RB, rap and house. She has sung on records by artists including Tech N9ne, Spice 1, Insane Clown Posse, Cee Eleassaad and more. To book Montreea for studio vocals, click here.

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