Listeners Room Records Taps Montreea for Second House Release

Listeners Room Records and Montreea Link Up For New Music

This past Christmas holiday found Montreea in the studio hard at work on a new record for Miami-based house label, Listeners Room Records. This marks the second collaboration between DJ/label owner Neil Chin & Montreea. Their first release, “Love Ain’t Easy” dropped in August of 2020.

Listeners Room Records and Montreea
DJ Neil Chin, Owner, Listeners Room Records

Listeners Room Records was founded in 2020 by DJ Neil Chin whose exposure to house music stems back to his teenage years when he began attending underground raves in the San Francisco Bay Area. In the early 2000’s he started DJ’ing at venues across the Bay Area, and shortly thereafter began his career as a producer. He now resides in Miami, FL, continuing his legacy in the dance music industry as a producer, DJ, and label owner.

Montreea is a Houston-based songwriter who writes for DJs and producers worldwide. Her pen has helped construct records in gospel, pop, RB, rap and house. Montreea’s list of label releases continues to grow. To book Montreea for studio vocals, click here.

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