Listen to Alex Ander and Montreea on “One Life to Live”

One Life to Live

Quantize Recordings Drops “One Life to Live”

Quantize Recordings has dropped “One Life to Live”, a soulful house track produced by Alex Ander and written by Montreea. The new record has various remixes, including a banging DJ Spen extended vocal remix.

Alex Ander is a Portuguese-American DJ, producer & remixer. His great passion for music started at the age of 14, when he learned how to play the piano, bass and drums. During the nineties when Chicago & Detroit House were at their peak, he absorbed these new styles of danceable music and the culture. Later, he became a DJ with a deep sense of groove and respect for the old school. As a producer and remixer, Alex Ander produces a variety of styles, all while embracing the diversity of genres within House music. His main focus is to apply groove and melodic catchy sounds and work with vocalists from around the world to deliver quality work.

Quantize Recordings is a record label that produces excellent rhythmic soul audio productions. Founded by Baltimore-based soulful dance music legend DJ Spen in 2012, Quantize has churned out some of the recent most recognized soulful dance floor hits.

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