Hear Arthur Rivers and Montreea on “Silence”

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Arthur Rivers and Montreea Collab on “Silence”

Arthur Rivers dropped his new album, The Sky is No Man’s Land, on 6/24. The fresh project features a duet between both singers titled “Silence”.

Arthur is an accomplished musician and soulful singer/songwriter based in Switzerland and Germany. His ability to dabble in both acoustic and electronic soundscapes sets him apart. On a mission to make his audiences smile and enjoy life as much as he does, Arthur’s music charms, enlightens and delights a varied audience the world over.

The Sky is No Man’s Land features 24 musicians, artists, producers, and singer-songwriters from over 10 countries and 4 continents .

Interested in studio vocals by Montreea? Click here.

Arthur Rivers and Montreea

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