“Breathe” by Nudiligence featuring Montreea Drops

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His Will Records Drops “Breathe” by NuDiligence featuring Montreea

His Will Records has dropped “Breathe”, a song by NuDiligence featuring Montreea. The record addresses the hot topic of abortion and dropped on June 24th, the same day the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Ward.

NuDiligence is a CHH Artist that uses music as a ministry tool to lead all who are willing to listen as they seek a new life in Christ Jesus. His testimony of deliverance from a sentence on death row is a powerful must-read.

His Will Records exists to unleash grounded gospel artists nationally and internationally to positively impact and influence listeners worldwide. To bring salvation, deliverance, and transformation to unbelievers, while birthing love, oneness, and edification in the body of Christ.

Interested in studio vocals by Montreea? Click here.

NuDiligence featuring Montreea

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