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04 August 2011

Chance Encounter with Fan in Kroger Inspires Impromptu Praise CD

“Excuse me, are you the girl that sings?” a gentleman asks Miss Money as she browses the bread section in Kroger. Money responds, “Yes, I am.” While expressing his well wishes, Money reaches into her Adidas bag and pulls out a CD. It’s a silver cd with a few of her gospel songs. Although it has no title and no cd printing, the stranger takes the CD and thanks Money. As the man walks away, the thought hits Money, “That’s how you praise. Impromptu.” This is how Money’s most successful mixtape was born – a chance encounter with someone that appreciated her gift.

Since then, Impromptu Praise has blessed teenagers, elementary children, grown men, housewives and senior citizens. Money finds it hard to keep the CD in stock and regularly hands out CDs in exchange for a donations just so she can pay for gas to visit churches. She says, “At the time, a gospel career was so far from my mind. It’s a cut throat industry and Jesus ain’t always the motivation so for this CD to be blessing people is a testament of God!” To download this soul blessing CD for free, click here. Want a free CD for your car? Catch Miss Money live. She’ll have plenty.


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